Applied technologies


Our main activities in the field of iron castings are the grey and nodular cast irons both in small and large series.

Our typical castings which produced with this technology:

  • spare parts for pumping houses
  • machine parts
  • castings for the tobacco industry

We have a long-term relationship with our subcontractors who make the patterns and core boxes for us which are planned by our technologists.

Cores giving the interior holes in castings are made via cold-box process with resin-bound sand mixture. We use wooden boxes for castings in smaller series. For those in larger number we take core boxes out of plastic or metal.

For the production of cast iron in different material quality we have two (0,5 and 0,8 tons) intermediate frequency furnaces. Charge control and fine adjustment of metal composition is supported by a spectrometer, which is connected to the foundry furnace through a pneumatic tube.

The considerable part of the production is grey cast iron, while the rest is nodular cast iron.

Material quality:

  • grey cast iron (GG20, GG25, GG30)
  • nodular cast iron (GGG40, GG50, GG60)

Casted weight:

  • grey cast iron : ~ 600 kg
  • nodular cast iron ~ 100 kg

The surface cleaniless is ensured through the use of steel grind shot-blast apparatus. Fine cleaning is done with careful handwork, grinding machines and hand tools.

According to the demand of our costumers:

  • delivering raw, roughly- or completely processed parts
  • coating our products with primary, final paint, or other surface treatment
  • packing our products according to request