History of the company


The Kardos workshop was established in 47 Budai street., which was only dealing with repairing agricultural machines.


Purchasing the necessary bronze - brass and iron parts for repairing causes an ever bigger problem. That is why Mr. Kardos has established his metal foundry with 12 workers. At that time they only produced sand castings. The workshop had operated until the Second World War. After the war it was rebuilt and nationalized in 1947.


The foundry was controlled by the City Committee with the following name: "Székesfehérvári Vas - és Fémtömegcikk Ipari Vállalat". The foundry had 40 workers at that time with the equipment of two pieces of coal heating and 2 cupola furnaces. Its production volume was 120 tons per year of non-ferrous metal and 300 tons per year of iron casting.


The foundry had been managed by the Ministry of Metallurgical and Engineering until 1964.


The foundry was placed under the direction of Csepel Iron and Metalworks. At that time there were intense improvements in the life of the foundry. In the year of accession an automatic shaped and core baking machines were installed which had established a new foundry culture both in Hungary and in the foundry.


Between 1965 and 1972 the production volume increased from 100 tons to 1500 tons in the field of continuous castings as a result of the setting up of Austrian casting machines. Due to the biggest green field investment during the second part of the decade the new Nehézfémöntöde was built, which was a splendid prospect for improving the quality and quantity.


The Trust annexed the factory to Csepel Metalworks.


Nehézfémöntöde becomes independent again.


At that time the markets of the factory collapsed spectacularly, the production was recessed tremendously. The team spirit was broken as a result of the internal skirmishing for power and of the fact of laying many workers off. After 3 years of deficit management, the ÁPV PLC had privatized the factory and V.D.S. Ltd and the members of the MRP became the new owners.

10 years after the privatization Nehézfémöntöde PLC has reached its biggest goal to find bottom again. The factory has succeeded in keeping the old customers as well as finding new ones. A new team was developed, who understands the demand of the market and willing to work hard and efficiently with the others.

Nehézfémöntöde PLC produces products in an excellent quality which is guaranteed by the long-term production experience and the modern quality and environmental management systems in place.