Quality management

Since 1996 we are producing in line with the ISO9001:2000 standard. In May 2006 we have introduced the ISO14001:2004 environmental management system in order to maintain the competitiveness of our products sold to the national market.The quality management system enables us to fulfill the ever higher requirements which exist on the developed markets in the field of quality.

Our main goal is to manufacture products in such quality that all of the demands of the customer and of the market can be met. On one hand it makes the long-term market presence possible, on the other it makes us able to win and keep the confidence, satisfaction of our Customers.

Our quality system is operated by well-educated workers who are fully committed to the utmost in keeping the rules. The top management ensures that all colleagues are participating in the exisitng training and education system.

The technical and technological conditions are in place for controlling the quality instructions. The majority of the examinations are made in our laboratory:

  • chemical composition (X-ray examination)
  • Tensile strength, elongation, yield point, hardness
  • Structure and graphite examinaitions

We can ensure the following examinations upon request with our subcontractors:

  • crack examination
  • ultrasonic examination
  • radiographical examination