Applied technologies


Non-ferrous and iron castings are produced in our sand casting plant. Among the non-ferrous metals we use the following alloys:

  • gunmetals (CuSnZnPb)
  • brasses (CuZn)
  • aluminium bronze (CuAlNi, CuAlFe)
  • AlSi alloys

We can produce casting with range 0,5 - 3000 kgs with this technology.

Sand mouldings can happen with the following methods:

  • raw moulding (mixture of dried sand and water-glass)
  • novanol moulding (mixture of dried sand and novanol)
  • moulding with furan resin (mixture of dried sand - furan resin - catalyst)
  • moulding with cold - box process (dried sand - artificial resin - catalyst)

Moulding can happen in two ways:

Manual moulding: we mould the customized and little series castings with this method as well as castings which are heavier than 5 kgs.

Machine moulding: this technology is used if we are to produce castings in little size or in big series. Getting the sandmixture we use 3 different type of mixtures: roller type, S shovel type and continous.


The castings are cleaned in the fettling where the sprues, runners and the feeder are cut off from the castings with plastic discs machines and metal saws. We use grinding machines operated by compressed air and shot blasting machines for delicate cleaning.