Applied technologies


Continuous casting is a modern technology in the field of non-ferrous metallurgy. Castings produced with this method are without porosity and inclusion.

The charasterictic features of the castings are the solid, delicate material structure, smooth surface which allows for small machining allowance and excellent mechanical quality.

We can undertake the production of tubes, rods and different profiles.

We use the following alloys:

  • tin bronze (CuSn)
  • gunmetals (CuSnZnPb)
  • lead bronze (CuSnPb)
  • brass and special brass (CuZn, CuZnAl)
  • aluminium bronze (CuAlNi, CuAlFe)

The standard composition can be produced with the above mentioned alloys but the techonology is suitable for producing outside of the standard.

Sizes of rods and tubes:

  • at rods: from O 11 mm to O 222 mm
  • at tubes: from O 27 mm to O 182 mm

From Aluminium bronze we can produce tubes with an outside diameter of 142 mm.

At tubes the wall thickness can be changed from 7 mm to 12 mm depending on their diameters, but at smaller diameters 5 mm wall thickness is also possible.

In the below document you can find our standard sizes. We can undertake producing tubes outside of the standard sizes with taking the wall thickness into consideration.

Tolerance of tubes produced with continuous casting:

Tin bronze, gunmetal, lead bronze:

  • outside diameter: 0 mm - (+1) mm
  • inner diameter: 0 mm - (-2) mm

Aluminium bronze:

  • outside diameter: 1 mm - (+1,5) mm
  • inner diameter: 0 mm - (-2,5) mm

Lenghts which can be produced: from 1000 mm up to 6000 mm