Nehézfémöntöde PLC is the biggest and most advanced heavy metal foundry in Hungary and an internationally wellknown producer. The 80 % of the production is copper and copper - based alloys products, the remaining 20 % is grey and nodular iron castings.

We use all kind of founding method among our applied technologies excluded die casting.

Processes used during the production of copper based alloys:

  • continous casting
  • sand casting
  • centrifugal casting
  • shell moulding
  • permanent casting

Processes used during the production of iron casting:

  • sand casting
  • shell casting

Processes used during the production of babbiting:

  • static casting
  • centrifugal casting
  • Thermisold (soldering) process

Most often required materials are the following:

  • tin bronze (CuSn)
  • gunmetals (CuSnZnPb)
  • lead bronze (CuSnPb)
  • aluminium bronze (CuAlNi, CuAlFe)
  • brass and special brass (CuZn, CuZnAl)

Our castings are produced according to the standards of DIN, BS and MSZ or based on the demand of our clients.

We sell the determinant part of our production to abroad, mainly to the countries of the European Union.

Since 1996 we are producing in line with the standard ISO 9001:2000. In May 2006 we have introduced the standard ISO 14001 : 2004 enviromental management system in order to maintain the competitivness of our products sold to the national market.

Our company aims at maximalizing the standard of the quality of our products. The main goal is to ensure the satisfaction of our partners with the continous developing of our quality of products and with punctual delivery.

In line with the development of market demand Nehézfémöntöde PLC continously develops its operational processes and equipments. According to this intention we plan to introduce an integrated company management system and a machining workshop by the end of the year 2006.